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Beyond the Price Tag: 4 Christmas Gift ideas for Life Designers

Holiday time is the season for giving and receiving.

Getting lost in details like choosing the right wrapping paper or comparing prices, we often forget that the most impactful gifts are often inexpensive. When I became an expat, I stopped asking for regular gifts.

Instead, three things increased in value: QUALITY TIME, CONNECTION, and JOY.

Being Fully Present

Living far from family and friends taught me to cherish our time together. I switch off my phone, avoid screens, and forget about the TV remote. Being fully present – listening and engaging in the moment – became my mantra. Quality time is priceless as it can't be re-bought.

Connecting with Others

Daily routines can make us focus too much on practicalities, like long shopping lists and Christmas dinner logistics. These can create tension. But taking time for real connections – playing a board game, having meaningful conversations, and sharing jokes – brings us closer and brightens our days. Connection with others is about having fun together.

Cultivating Joy

Spending consecutive days around the dinner table doesn't exclude stressful situations. We may not always agree on how to rest or spend the holidays, even within the same family. It's essential to initiate activities that bring us joy, whether it's doing nothing or planning a list of fun activities together. Joy is a collective effort of alignment.

4 Simple and Heartfelt Gift Ideas

If you want to give gifts beyond the price tag, consider these ideas:

1.Experience Voucher: Create a homemade voucher from colourful paper.

Write "Experience Voucher" on one side, leaving space for a _____Name of Receiver_____and _____Type of Experience_____ on the other. Let the receiver CHOOSE an experience to share with you, from a simple dinner to an adventure trip. Keep the voucher and redeem it when you crave quality time with that person. This is a gift of creating shared memories.

2. Gratitude Letter: A personal letter can be incredibly meaningful.

Start with Thank you for being there for me when____, recalling specific moments of support you received from that person. Add "I appreciate you being____," mentioning qualities you admire in them. Don't shy away from words like love, gratitude, and respect. This gift is a powerful expression of appreciation.

3. Safe Space Coupon: Write "Safe Space Coupon" on one side of a small paper and draw a table with three or more time slots on the other. Offer these coupons for judgment-free conversations about anything. When they are redeemed, focus on listening and understanding rather than "fixing" the problem for the receiver. This gift is a sign of active support.

A Special Holiday Offer

If you do want to offer something with a price tag however, let it be meaningful.

This holiday, I'm excited to share the news about our upcoming 2024 online program, the 7-Day Design Sprint: Resolve Your Wicked Problem. Available now for Christmas at half-price, it's an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one to finally tackle complex career or life challenges limiting their potential lately.

Use the code BOLDBIRD24 to redeem your 50% discount.

This holiday season, let's choose gifts that truly matter!

Happy Holidays,


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