Life Design Circle is a company empowering individuals and teams to apply design in a playful way to reach holistic wellbeing

The Three Pillars

We apply design in practice by putting design methods in the hands of non-designers.

This pillar strengthens people‘s creative, analytical, and decision-making skills simultaneously.

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We empower individuals to elevate their personal wellbeing and find ways towards life balance.

This pillar strengthens people‘s responsibility for self-care and becoming active creators of their lives.

We encourage individuals and teams to take a playful approach to problem-solving by testing fun ideas in reality. This pillar strengthens people‘s optimism and opens up new possibilities in life.

Our Timeline


Life Design Workshops
4 physical workshops


Mornings of Glory 
2 months of a virtual dancefloor


A:live Podcast

10 episodes of live stream podcast


CSE Idea Proof Programme
3 months at an early-stage accelerator

Life Design Circle Framework

13 life areas and 30+ design tools


Aalborg University Collaboration

2-day hybrid workshop event


Life Vision Workshop Journey

15h interactive workshop programme 


SeedReady Bootcamp
5 weeks pre-seed online accelerator


CSE Business Proof Programme
6 months at an early-stage accelerator


User Research
35+ hours of interviews


C-Cube Collaboration

1-day hybrid workshop


Cooltsalon Collaboration

1-day online workshop






FoT Collaboration

1-day hybrid workshop


IDA Collaboration

1-day hybrid workshop

Origins of Life Design

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Life Design is a creative problem-solving methodology that originates from the Design Thinking methodology applied in the Stanford Life Design Lab. Leading figures include Bill Burnett & Dave Evans with their book Designing Your Life and Gregg Vanourek with the concept of Life Entrepreneurship

Currently, Life Design is a developing field recognized and practiced by accredited educational institutions such as Stanford and the University of St. Gallun.

Our Process

Life Design Circle has developed a creative process combining the design methodologies of Design Thinking and the Double Diamond.

Our process guides individuals in groups through three phases - DISCOVER, DEFINE and DEVELOP - in which they aim to define a specific problem, turn it into a design challenge, and find great solutions in real life. What makes our process unique is the applied design knowledge. In an organizational context, it allows flexibility with an outcome in the shape of a Vision, a Strategy, or a Project.



Our Toolbox

Life Design Circle has adapted specific design methods used in Design Thinking and Service Design processes.

There is a huge variety of design tools and methods available out there. However, they are currently mainly applied for service and product innovation.


What makes our toolbox unique is that all design tools and group activities are adapted to the context of solving life challenges. They can easily be used with no prior design education. 

13 Life Areas

At Life Design Circle we defined 13 Life Areas that help identify and contextualize life challenges based on coaching frameworks such as the Wheel of Life and Maslow‘s Hierarchy of Needs.

We look at people as parts of a bigger system - as individuals with personal lives, as members of society, and as citizens of our planet. Therefore, the Life Areas relate to the following spheres - Me & Myself, Me & Others, and Me & The World.

This kind of awareness allows us to recognize the boundaries of our control, design more holistically, and make more intentional decisions based on impact on a bigger scale.


Our Team


Daiana Vitalba

Founder | Service & Business Design 

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With 6+ years of experience facilitating creative sessions, cultural events, and educational team experiences, Daiana plays with purpose while deepening conversations. She is constantly asking "Why?" in search of peoples´ personal truth and meaning. She is your go-to person for fresh ideas and inspiration on how to make your life more exciting!


She holds an M.A. in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School and is a certified Design Thinking Practitioner from IBM.


Vika Marszalek

Art Director | Designer

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With 3 years of experience in community building, Vika is the grounded presence that glues groups together. While being a kind soulful listener, she is holding space for people to express their needs and desires. She is a digital native and design wizard, giving every visual a colorful splash of authenticity!


She holds a B.A. in Design & Business with a Major in Communication Design & Media.

Our Heroes

Our Heroes are the people who have supported us over time with skills, energy, and trust. 

If our mission resonates with you and you feel like you have skills to share - get in touch!


Vihra Shopova

Life Coach | Brand Strategist

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Gianni Pisanu

Photographer | Creative

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Raju Gurung

Entrepreneur | Business Advisor

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Plamena Maleva

Mediator | Team Advisor

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Ieva Vilcinskaite

Brand Photographer | Creative

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Mantas Ambroza

Photographer | Physicist

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Frederik Kehler

Entrepreneur| Startup Advisor

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