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Empower Members

of Your Organization

We currently offer three standardized services to support the members of your organization or the employees in your company in getting started with life design. Empower your organization from the inside out by encouraging teams to improve their wellbeing and so to become happier, more dedicated, and pro-active stewards of your company´s mission!

300 % 

growth of the online collaborative team platform MIRO
since 2020



of employee time
today requires collaborative skills

73 %

of organizations applying design thinking
improved working culture in teams 

66 %

of small business
owners reached the business success
they envisioned


data from Harvard Business Review, Forbes, MIRO Blog


Your organization wants to empower its members to:

  • know their individual needs to improve work-life balance

  • know their team on a personal level to improve collaboration

  • know their colleagues better to improve company culture

  • act upon realistic ideas that improve wellbeing in organizations

  • act upon personal projects that benefit the organization

  • align personal visions with new opportunities in the organization

Standard Services

The Interactive Talk

The Hybrid Workshop

The Vision Journey

get inspired

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get active

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get visionary


3000dkk│​400 € (excl. VAT)

online & hybrid version

We offer an interactive 90-minute talk for unlimited members/employees of your organization. The talk introduces the foundations of life designing - the why's and the how's of cultivating a life designer mindset.

In the spirit of Life Design Circle, we don't do all the talking. We actively engage participants in fun collaborative activities to debunk life myths, connect meaningfully and come up with ideas on how

to apply life design in their own lives.


7500dkk│​990 € (excl. VAT)

online & hybrid version

We offer a hybrid 4h workshop for up to 15 members/ employees of your organization. The workshop gives a taste of life designing in practice. It offers a playbook, a set of digital tools and personalized workspace, a visual summary of personal insights.

Hybrid means we use the collaborative software MIRO where we digitized our design tools, yet we keep the group together and physically engaged in energizing activities such as active reflections, fun games, and discussions to gain new perspectives.

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online & hybrid version

We offer a 15h workshop program for up to 15 members /employees of your organization. The program gets participants moving towards a holistic Life Vision. It offers a playbook, a set of digital tools and personalized workspace, a visual summary of personal insights.

Journey means the process of exploration and learning goes beyond the 3 hybrid workshops included in the program. We add two personal real-life challenges and connect participants during the program, to ensure they create a Life Vision realistic enough to activate change.


Customer Cases

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Leading educational institution within problem-based learning (PBL).


How can we quickly build interdisciplinary student teams with strong collaboration?


Six team projects concepts to improve the collaboration level of the Master's Program

Creative connections collective building a community of project-makers.


How can we make our members more aware of possibilities for participation in our project and motivate them to contribute with personal ideas?


Five project proposals on how to participate in Aarhus Soup


Petko Karadechev
PhD Fellow
Aalborg University

I don´t remember the last time the process of collaboration on organizing a workshop has been so much fun as the event itself.

Working with Life Design Circle was a real pleasure!


Oli Gots
Co-founder, Cooltsalon

We were looking for a way to organize an interactive and more personable workshop and in Life Design Circle we've found the perfect partner in crime. They delivered a great, tailored session that incorporated all the elements for true participation - approachable facilitator, two-way communication, "ice breakers" to get the conversation going, teamwork exercises, and physical activities that also kept the flow going.

It was also a good "taster" of life design and design thinking for those completely unfamiliar with it.


Customized Services

If you are a Manager, Team Leader, HR, or in another leadership role and find the Life Design concept relevant, but seek a more customized experience to fit your business objectives especially around SDGs 3 & 5, here is some inspiration. We are excited to innovate together!

Your members / employees
can use life design TO CREATE:


A vision gives clarity of elements of wellbeing on a more holistic level, enhancing either the individual OR  team wellbeing within the organization.


A strategy for implementing personal wellbeing at a structural level, enhancing either the individual OR team wellbeing within the organization.


A project related to implementing more specific change, enhancing either the individual OR team wellbeing within the organization.

Your members / employees 
can use life design TO CONNECT:

Creative Training

Life Design as creative training enhances skills like optimism, proactiveness, risk-taking,  problem-solving, and finding new opportunities for growth.

Team Building

Life Design as team building enhances skills like empathy, collaboration, open-mindedness, idea generation, and group action.


Life Design as networking enhances skills like curiosity, engagement, resilience, and  openness to new perspectives.  

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SDG 5 .png

Project-based Collaboration

Your organization can work with us in a project-based way during one of the three seasons.

We start with a Kick-Off meeting to align your business objectives with our services, agree on a project timeframe and finish with a Follow-Up meeting to review the collaboration.

SPRING (February - June)

AUTUMN (September - December)

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