​We offer a service called the Life Vision Workshop Journey to support you - a young path seeker in your late 20s - in finding your direction in life in times of change. Create a fulfilling Life Vision with us according to your own individual needs and desires!

Create Your Vision
of a Fulfilling Life

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You feel it is time for change and you want to feel empowered to:

  • move with clarity to the next life phase after graduation

  • discover new job opportunities after unemployment

  • rethink a work-life balance after burnout

  • adjust to a new lifestyle after relocation

  • find strength and move on after personal life challenges

Why are you going on this Journey?

  • discover specific challenges currently hindering your wellbeing 

  • create a personal compass to navigate life with ease

  • envision the most exciting new future for yourself

  • explore alternative ways to reach a fulfilling life

  • design a holistic roadmap focused on your priority life areas

  • gain excitement to start building your exciting new life today

What Value does it bring for you?

  • gain awareness of your hidden barriers, needs, and desires

  • gain confidence in your individual direction in life

  • become free from social expectations, imagine the unimaginable

  • get unstuck by turning fresh ideas into real-life opportunities

  • get balanced by clearing your personal & professional life priorities

  • get excited to create an alternative life to fit your own values

Life Vision Workshop Journey



The beginning of the workshop journey is about self-exploration.

This workshop will allow you to visit your past, re-enter the present and explore your future. You will

understand your life situation better and build your life compass.

In this workshop hours you will:

  • discover hidden needs and desires

  • discover your life philosophy

  • build a strong life foundation 

  • envision an exciting new future 

  • build a strong personal compass 


The special materials you receive:

  • Participants' Playbook to guide you towards life design thinking

  • Design Toolbox with design methods to map your findings

  • Discover Outline with all your findings in one place as a pdf

  • Real Life Quest to help you investigate ideas in real life




The midway of the workshop journey is about connecting potential ideas.

This workshop will allow you to calibrate your compass with reality and map out possible paths for the near future. You will explore scenarios and develop three different paths to take.

In this workshop hours you will:

  • evaluate your life satisfaction

  • integrate your real-life findings 

  • let go of fears & mental barriers

  • explore new ideas in practice

  • define alternative future paths 


The special materials you will receive:

  • Design Toolbox with design methods to map your findings

  • Define Outline with all your findings in one place as a pdf

  • Real Life Quest to help you investigate ideas in real life



The end of the workshop journey is about making a confident choice.

This workshop will allow you to get confident, focus on one life path, and describe it in detail. You will get excited about making your vision specific by creating a digital prototype of it!


In this workshop hours you will:

  • focus and decide on one path

  • create a digital Life Vision in detail

  • build a strong sense of purpose 

  • get ready to act on your Vision



The special materials you will receive:

  • Design Toolbox with design methods to map your findings

  • Develop Outline with all your findings in one place as a pdf

  • Life Vision with your final product as a pdf


Bea, 26
Jewellery Design Student, Germany

I really appreciated the chance to take some time off to focus solely on myself. It was great to divide the workshop into those three parts of the past, the present, and the future. Very understandable, just as the tools were. I liked the intimate vibe of a small group and could connect even in the virtual space.


Tadas, 25
Marketing Coordinator, Lithuania

A workshop unlike anything else out there. For those who feel a little bit lost in life or just want to get more clarity about who they are and where are they heading, I highly recommend joining this intense 6 hour-long self-discovery session. Not only that I was guided to uncover insights about myself but also I was able to connect with the community and exchange perspectives and get inspired.


Isabelle, 27
Product Manager, Sweden

This workshop allows you to reflect on your life, both in the past, current and future. With interactive discussions, it was also nice to get some perspectives and to learn from others insights as well. I got some totally new views on some of my challenges, which helped me to reflect even after the workshop. A great workshop to push yourself towards your goals and dreams!

Bring Life Design to your Organization


Our current focus is serving the needs of individuals within organizations.

If Life Design can support your personal work-life balance or improve your wellbeing, advocate for us by helping us reach the decision-makers in your professional union, company, community. 

Just download the One Pager and share it with the right person!

Beta Community

Join our Beta Community - get a group discount on a 4h workshop and your Flow Journal for free!  Do you have a few friends who are excited to try out Life Design together? All of our Beta Birds get one of our design tools the Flow Journal. 

Just drop us a line at hi@lifedesigncircle.com!

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As a Beta Bird, you gather a group of a minimum of 5 friends who would benefit from life designing. You get a group discount for a Hybrid Workshop online.

To give back to our Community as a Beta Bird, you agree to accept a minimum of 2 test invitations in the upcoming year. Accepting a test invitation means that we can reach out for your help - you might give us an interview, fill in a questionnaire, or test a new service. 

Bring your ideas to help shape our services and be a pioneer of the new wave of life designers!