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 Company Data Protection Policy

Policy Brief & Purpose

Life Design Circle is committed to safeguarding the information of its employees, customers, stakeholders, and other relevant parties with the highest level of care and confidentiality. This Company Data Protection Policy outlines our commitment to collecting, storing, and handling data transparently, fairly, and with respect for individual rights.


This policy applies to all parties who provide any form of information to Life Design Circle, including employees, job candidates, customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, partners, and external entities that collaborate with us or act on our behalf and may require access to data.

Who is Covered?

Employees of Life Design Circle and its subsidiaries must adhere to this policy. Additionally, contractors, consultants, partners, and external entities are also subject to this policy.

Policy Elements

As part of our operations, we collect and process information, which may include both offline and online data that can identify individuals, such as names, addresses, usernames, passwords, digital footprints, photographs, social security numbers, financial data, etc. We collect this information transparently and with the full cooperation and knowledge of the concerned parties. The following rules apply to our data:

Our data will be:

  • Accurate and kept up-to-date

  • Collected fairly and for lawful purposes only

  • Processed within legal and moral boundaries

  • Protected against unauthorized or illegal access by internal or external parties

Our data will not be:

  • Communicated informally

  • Stored for longer than a specified timeframe

  • Transferred to organizations, states, or countries without adequate data protection policies

  • Distributed to any party other than those agreed upon by the data owner, except in the case of legitimate requests from law enforcement authorities

In addition to handling data, the company has direct obligations towards data owners, which include:

  • Informing people about which of their data is collected

  • Explaining how we will process their data

  • Identifying who has access to their information

  • Establishing provisions for lost, corrupted, or compromised data

  • Allowing people to request modifications, erasure, reduction, or correction of data in our databases


To uphold data protection, Life Design Circle is committed to:

  • Restricting and monitoring access to sensitive data

  • Developing transparent data collection procedures

  • Providing training to employees in online privacy and security measures

  • Establishing secure networks to protect online data from cyberattacks

  • Defining clear procedures for reporting privacy breaches or data misuse

  • Including contract clauses or communicating statements regarding data handling

  • Implementing data protection practices, including document shredding, secure locks, data encryption, frequent backups, and access authorization

Our data protection provisions will be accessible on our website.

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