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Empower Millennials

of Your Organization

We offer customized services to support the Millennials in your company in getting started with Life Design. Empower your organization from the inside out by encouraging young talent
 to sustain their wellbeing and become happier, more dedicated, pro-active stewards of your Organization!

75 % 

of the workforce will
be Millennials by 2025


of Millennials prioritize
a work culture with a positive impact on employee mental health


of Talent Managers
want to implement more coaching techniques

22 %

of young talent
the the Great
Resignation wave
since 2020

data from Millennial Mental Wellbeing, Deloitte Annual Report, Harvard Business Review


Hi Talent Manager, 

Your Organization wants to
attract and keep Millennials by:

  • know their individual needs better to sustain work-life balance

  • communicate needs with talent management to prevent burnout

  • connect with colleagues to enhance an inclusive work culture

  • propose realistic ideas how to improve wellbeing at the workplace

  • offer personal resources to contribute to proactive leadership

  • activate untapped potential to create new growth opportunities


Challenged to keep Young Talent
after your Graduate Program?

Are you attracting young talent through a Graduate Program?

Millennials often change jobs due to personal life priorities. We want to support you in understanding their needs and keep them longer by making them feeling heard.

Customized Services

Are you are a Manager, Team Lead, HR, or in another leadership role? You find Life Design interesting, but seek a more customised experience to fit your business objectives? 
We are excited to innovate together
especially supporting SDGs 3 and 5!


SDG 3 wellbeing.jpeg
SDG 5 .png
Your  Millennial employees
can use Life Design TO CREATE:


A vision gives clarity on the personal direction, enhancing individual alignment with the overall mission of the organization.


A strategy is a way to implement a plan at a structural level, enhancing the individual wellbeing within the organization.


A project related to implementing specific changes, enhancing the individual wellbeing within the organization.

Your Millennial employees 
can use life design TO CONNECT:

Creative Training

Life Design as a creative training enhances skills like optimism, proactiveness, risk-taking, problem-solving, finding new opportunities for growth.

Team Building

Life Design as team building enhances skills like empathy, collaboration, open-mindedness, idea generation, and group action.


Life Design as networking enhances skills like curiosity, engagement, resilience, and  openness to new perspectives.  

Project Collaboration

Your organization can work with us in a project-based way during one of the 2 seasons.

We start with a Kick-Off meeting to align your business objectives with our services, agree on a project timeframe and finish with a Follow-Up meeting to review the collaboration.


                                           SPRING            February - June

                                           AUTUMN         September - December

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Let's Chat

Just book a free Virtual Coffee Call to find out how can we be of service and explore fresh ideas to apply Life Design together!

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